Parlement Cosmetics has been one of the most important institutions of its sector since 1985  with the principle of quality production and competitive prices.With  its 32-year experience,Parlement Cosmetics is a leading Turkish company operating at production of cosmetic products like hair care products,personal care products and deodorant&perfume.

R&D activities are conducted by an experienced crew in fully-equipped laboratories with recent technologies. Our products are undergone all necessary quality control and microbiological tests.


To meet the expectation with a customer-oriented approach, to produce quality products using modern and advanced technology,

To contribute to social and economic development by fulfilling legal obligations, respecting ethical values ​​and constantly increasing the competence of employees with learning organization structure,

  • We produce reliable products in compliance with international standards. Our markings are your credibility.
  • We produce quality products to meet customer expectations.
  • We follow the global development with the continuous development approach.
  • We are sensitive to human and nature. We take all necessary precautions in the direction of this sensitivity.

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